Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Santa Monica Dreaming

I've just celebrated joining an exclusive new club (fantastic 40!) in fabulous style with a party at Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast.  Those amazing pictures are still to come but in the meantime, I'd thought I'd share another gorgeous hotel with you.  My stay at Palazzo definitely whet my appetite for the ultimate fantasy and luxury hotel experience and there are so many in the world that I am looking forward to staying at as many as I possibly can!
The Viceroy in Santa Monica is definitely near the top of my list.  This uber stylish hotel is oozing luxe with its Hollywood regency design style.  The bold splashes of yellow, green and blue teamed with grey and brown tones unite retro and contemporary design styles.
Wing backed poolside lounges.....need I say more?  This hotel redefines luxury poolside style.  The poolside cabanas are the ultimate rock star party place.  I can absolutely see myself with a few friends sipping Bollinger and sampling gourmet canapes under the gently flapping fabric of one of these cabanas.  One day....
Whilst opulent ocean view suites are divine, it's the library at the Viceroy Santa Monica that really had my heart racing.  Warm grey clever cabinetry contrasting with vibrant yellow upholstery create an inviting library experience which would entice even those loathsome of reading of any kind (even if it's to admire the room for a while and not read a word!).
I'm absolutely Santa Monica dreaming for this hotel.  Time to start saving.