Monday, May 28, 2012

Colour Me Happy

From top left to right:
Missoni Cushion, Stray Dog Designs Lamp, Three Hands Studded Moroccan Table, Trina Turk Cushion, Aphrochic Wallpaper, Cristina Re Teacups, Trina Turk Cushion, Three Hands Scalloped Yellow Frame, Jonathan Adler Stool, Three Hands Bamboo Bowls, Bond NYC perfume, Kristy Lee Interiors Elephant Picture
It's been grey and cold here in Melbourne for the past few days and I can't think of anything better to lift your mood than some bright and happy colours.  Interiors have definitely gone through a beige/grey (or greige) stage of late - just visit any display home in Melbourne and be assaulted by the blandness.  Why not inject some personality and happiness to a neutral base with some fun and colourful accents?  They can easily be changed and you will be surprised at how they will lift a room and affect your mood.  If you really are unsure, start with simple easy things such as bath towels.  Be brave and go for that extra bright colour.  Trust me, you will be addicted before you know it!


  1. Love your picks Lisa - I'm always looking to bring some more colour into my house at the moment! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  2. Totally hit the nail on the head!