Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sarah Richardson - Master of Neutrals

All images are via Sarah Richardson Design

How do you use a neutral pallet and still create interest?  Let's take a look at how the master of neutral, Sarah Richardson, achieves such stunning rooms with muted colours.  I think that there is a misconception amongst many that neutral means beige or brown only.  Sarah uses beiges, whites and browns but she combines them with other neutrals such as grey, blue, rose and green.  She layers her rooms with pattern and texture to achieve a neutral scheme with interest.  I love how neutral schemes will stay relevant over the years whereas choosing an "in colour" such as bright yellow will date a house.  I still recommend playing with colours, but if you want to do it, keep your base very neutral - say white and grey and then inject bright yellow highlights that can easily be updated when the trend passes (or when you get sick of it!).  I think where Sarah excels is her attention to the details.  She creates interest through a creative tile pattern, a mixture of fabric patterns, beautiful lighting fixtures and mirrors which look like artwork.  Whatever she touches exudes sheer luxury - yes please! She's been around for a long time and there is a reason why Sarah reigns supreme - the girl knows her stuff.  I definitely have a design crush on her.  I would join the stampede of people who would love to work with her.


  1. great post - so true, love to mix pattern with texture - who said neutrals are boring!!!!

  2. She is very talented. I do love the layered effect she creates with various shades of a neutral and then the pops of color. And yes, the accessories definitely help in making a space more interesting. Love the 2 armchairs!