Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bisazza Beautiful


Soho showroom

All of the above images are from the Bisazza showroom in Soho.
It's amazing what can be achieved with a mosaic tile and some creativity.

Hotel de Russie, Rome
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W Hotel Hong Kong
A stunning use of these tiles as a magnificent mural.
The tiles have been used in the pool as well.
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I'd heard of Bisazza tiles before my New York trip, but I had not ventured into a tile shop to actually look at them.  As I strolled the streets of Soho, I spotted the Bisazza showroom and quickly crossed the street for a closer inspection.  My excitement was contagious as I squealed with delight and ordered my mother and sister to join me in the shop.  My sister has not a skerrit of interest in anything related to interior design, homewares or house related, but even she was enticed by my excitement.  As we entered we were immediately wowed by the intricate mosaic patterns, some with  glimmering gold and silver tiles, some just amazing due to their complicated design.  The showroom was eerily completely empty so our "oohs and ahhs" were echoing around the tiled walls.  I immediately sensed my opportunity to take photos without having to explain myself and whipped out my camera and got some coveted shots of this beautiful showroom.

Since returning, I have been informed that not any old tiler can lay these exquisite tiles - they must be a Bisazza trainer tiler who has been to Italy to receive proper intensive instruction.  I'm not sure if this is folklore from those trying to impress, but if it's true, it makes sense that Bisazza don't want any bozo ruining their beautiful tiles. The W Hotel in Hong Kong is a stunning example of the brilliance of these tiles.  They have been used in the gigantic wall mural which is poolside and they have been used in the pool as well.  The Hotel de Russie uses simple black and white, but the pattern on the floor is gorgeous making this bathroom something special.

I'm off to a close friends house today to celebrate his daughter's birthday. He owns and runs a tile shop in Geelong and while I can't wait to see them and their beautiful daughter (we unfortunately don't get to see each other enough), I'm also looking forward to chatting to someone who actually wants to talk about tiles!


  1. can you get these tiles in australia ?

    1. Hi there, yes you can buy Bisazza in Australia. Most specality or boutique tile stores will either stock them or be able to order them for you.