Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Greg Natale Glamour

Neutral colours combine well with pop of colour picked up from
the artwork.  The rug is the star of the room, drawing the eye and adding
pattern and interest.
The wall sconces are divine and combined with the mirror,
 they make this vignette fabulous.  The shade of grey on the
wall is a perfect contrast and compliment for the gold  and white.

An unexpected industrial light fitting works well in the space,
again modernising a traditional scheme.  It works due to the colour
choice and the lines of the fitting, mimicking the line of the countertop.

The dining chairs are pieces of artwork.  I love the
intricate, almost lace like look of the back.  The geometric
theme is picked up in the rug, the backsplash and in the
overhead cupboards, giving the space a flow and connection.

Another masterpiece rug that defines the space so well.
I adore these chairs.

Sophisticated style.  The charcoal wall makes the artwork
stand out so well.

Contrast at its best.  The rug is just divine and it's
the small details such as the fringing that add

The lemon and grey colour scheme make this
traditional style very modern.

Chevron floor, gorgeous custom carpet, crystal drawer pulls
and a lemon studded stool equals perfection.

The perfect tone of red has been used with this grey and
charcoal scheme.  The artwork is the focus of the room,
with the accent pillows and stool providing perfect
punches of colour and highlight.

All images are of the Twomey country house
via Greg Natale

Those of you who know me well know how much I adore this designer.  Greg Natale epitomises my design style.  I would go as far as to call him the David Collins of Australia.  Their styles are similar in that they are both not afraid to be luxurious and unashamedly glamorous.  In a design world where many are striving to keep up with the latest trends, these two designers are doing their own thing.  That's not to say that Greg is not a contemporary designer, in fact he cleverly incorporates modern elements in his traditional designs.  The result is an interior that will not date over the years. 

What I love about the Twomey house is the use of colour, pattern and contrast.  Although the only bright colours used are yellow and red, the strong use of charcoal and grey is a confident colour choice and I applaud the home owners for taking the risk.  A lot of people think that if you are going to have a neutral scheme, then it has to be light colours, but in this example, the dark colours are still neutral, allowing the accent colours and patterns to shine.  Pattern is a key element of Greg's designs as they draw the eye and create a mood for his rooms.  Designer Rugs picked up on his talent and asked him to create a range for them.  Greg has recently been crowned The Designer of the Year by Belle Magazine and Coco Republic and has been shortlisted for Designer of the Year - People Choice Awards for Inside Magazine IDEA Awards.  I'm looking forward to watching this very talented designer and seeing what he comes up with next.

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